Why Are We Still Meeting in Minneapolis?

George Floyd's Killing Raises Moral Questions for UMC



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Minneapolis: Perhaps it is a mirror

As a denomination that carries strong feelings about people who don’t fit a particular envisioned mold, perhaps the time in Minneapolis will serve as a period of reflection for us. Granted, it won’t be easy to look into our collective soul - yet again- and see what we will inevitably see, if we truly choose to look. However, look we must. I have often said that I am willing to reject anyone Jesus would reject. Jesus rejected no person. Period.

Dale Hotelling more than 1 year ago

why Minneapolis

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled to their own facts, a concept that seems to be unclear in 21st Centuary America.The abuses in Manila are government sponsored and encouraged. In Minneapolis it seems to be the actions of a few rogue cops. Note the government fired 4 cops immediately and have charged the one who committed the crime today. To hold whole city responsible is the same as holding the church responsible for all the crimes it's members and leadership have committed.Let's focus on the crime and not the emotion. What should be done about the rioters? Did Jesus say something about loving your neighbor?

Bob Sutter more than 1 year ago

Agree with "Why?" comment

As commentator "B" says, going to Minneapolis is a good thing -- perhaps the best thing, since it provides UMC voices a direct platform for both passionate grief & protest as well as earnest & targeted prayer. It's also worth mentioning that city officials have aggressively condemned the actions that occurred there. That said, Cynthia's points about Manila are well-taken. Maybe next time, the deciding commission ought to consider how the power of our (and God's) presence in the midst of injustice can allow us to go to places that don't deserve to host events.

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago

So exactly what is going to happen

If the UMC does not meet in Minneapolis? Where are you going to find the perfect city where nothing bad ever happens. The last I heard is more African Americans die at the hands of other African Americans than they do at the hands of police. Where is the voice of protest over that statistic? Where was the accolades when, several years ago two white police officers responded to a drive by shooting at a house where a young African American child ad been shot and was in danger of dying. The two officers did not think twice, they went against established protocol, scooped up the child and took him/her to the hospital and the child's life was saved. Another image that comes to mind is a picture of a white police officer in Dallas being the human shield for African Americans when gunfire erupted during a "Black Lives Matter" demonstration. Where was the protest that the police who were there as protection for those who were demonstrating were the target in that shooting?

joan watson more than 1 year ago

No to Minneapolis!

We need to start putting our money where our mouth is. Our conference spends millions of dollars in the city that hosts the General Conference. How about hosting it on a Native American reservation where they could really use the revenue? Than a for addressing this disparity of values and actions!

Claudia Roberts more than 1 year ago


Why, because there are many, many good people living there. You cannot judge the soul of a town because of a few bad people. Maybe we should approach the conference with more of an attitude of Good. Good, we have an opportunity to preach the Gospel of Love. Good, the Methodist Church meeting there creates an opportunity to create dialog. Good, we have an opportunity to step up for change. Good, we can support the good people there with our time, talents and financial support. Or, we can pass judgement on entire city and let others preach the message.

B more than 1 year ago

Thank you!!

Thank you for your thoughtful article and I trust organizers of the General Council will take into consideration your suggestions for implementation. No matter our theological differences any conscience Christian will have to recognize that this was a horrific crime and outright blatant murder!!

Eriberto Soto more than 1 year ago


Given a choice I would rather be in Manila than Minneapolis this week. But since those contracts have been signed it is off to Minneapolis they go. Seems somehow suitable that a denomination that is tearing itself apart by refusing to adhere to its own rules will be meeting in a city that is tearing itself apart. The burned out buildings will make a great backdrop for The UMC.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Why Are We Still Meeting in Minneapolis?

Yes, why indeed? Recently, I came across a resolution from 1930 by the Indiana Annual Conference imploring the Methodist Episcopal Church not to hold the upcoming General Conference of 1932 in a city where Jim Crow laws and practices were in place. There is ample precedent for such a witness. Still as Cynthia Astle astutely points out we would need to answer some difficult questions about how we differ from the Philippines? And, even more troubling for me is the question, where in the United States is there a city that has addressed the persistent racism embedded in its institutions? In my home state annual conference sessions will be held in Marion, Indiana, the site of a lynching in the 1930s. Still there is no apology from the city, no memorial to this heinous act. Let's look to the General Commission on Religion and Race to extend and refine the suggestions offered in this article. Will United Methodism give witness beyond words?

Philip Amerson more than 1 year ago

Well said

You have added import insight to this discusion. Thank you for your comment.

Claudia Roberts, OR-ID PWJ Coordinator more than 1 year ago