Walking Alongside or Walking Wounded



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I think this trope is played

"Walking Alongside", "Starting the Conversation", Equipping", so forth. The time for delay and endless rehashing of the issues involved in a possible way forward has past. This is not a time to gear up for another round of endless committees and study sessions. We just went through that from 2016 to Feb 2019. The denomination's "leaders" are only showing a vigorous aptitude to continue pell mell on a race to extinction as a culturally relevant institution. Without unity there is no United Methodist Church. So, act or be silent.

Robert W. Ives 285 days ago

So don't walk alongside

The disaffiliation process is in effect now. Simply take your church out of The UMC and go your own way.

Kevin 287 days ago

stumbling alongside ...

"'To walk alongside' is a phrase that we use in touchy-feely or spiritual situations where we want to express the support that someone gives another person during life's journey," according to the internet.
That would be better than staying mounted on one's episcopal horse along with "all the King's men [and women, plus one <out> lesbian whose job is at great risk]" who have been dutifully trying to reconstruct the Church of Humpty Dumpty.
I'm not impugning their best efforts to date to exercise their episcopal office in sensitive ways.
But that phrase does imply that "walking alongside" may give the person who [con]descends from horseback new interpersonal insights--but without requiring any further sacrifice of one's privileged position. Or, in colloquial terms, not getting s*** on your shoes. And certainly not getting your feet wet, literally or figuratively, in the messy realities you must navigate daily in your ministry.
Francis Asbury spent a lot of time on horseback (literally) until he was so physically impaired that he had to resort to carriage rides (and NOT like those in NYC's Central Park!). But he always knelt down on his knees in the mud at the end of every journey to pray with the Methodists he often rode for days to be with. Let us not forget his example.
But let us also acknowledge the profound, unspoken reality that the Council of Bishops has been deeply undermined, or in the words of one commenter, "taken [a]back" by GC 2019.
They have been targeted, attacked, criticized unmercifully, isolated, distrusted, marginalized, mischaracterized, undermined from within by dissenters' demands, demonized, undercut, manipulated by political power plays, forced to give up their pastoral and prophetic roles and function as our 'sex police', and required to act in violation of conscience.
Not to mention being in deep grief over their strategic leadership failures, the depth of suffering caused by the malicious attacks of extremists in our midst, the destruction of our ability and willingness to be church together despite major differences, the degradation of their symbolic presence, and the meltdown of the institution they love.
It's a hostile takeover.
So when a Bishop makes a post-GC statement on YouTube and looks shell-shocked, remember that they don't know what else to do. And are silently suffering to various degrees from symptoms of PTSD in their professional role.
Problem is: they are mostly not admitting it. And putting up the best front they know how.
Deeper problem: they are ‘stuck’ in the impossible quandary of how to avoid totally alienating the large minority of Methodist ‘traditionalists’ who are jubilant over the vote at GC2019. (And were probably jubilant over the election in 2016.)
I wouldn’t expect to get much help in manning the lifeboats. So maybe it’s time to learn to walk on water.
Is Ocracoke UMC able to function by itself as a small outlier?
Are you willing to step out of the boat of being an appointed Elder?

Wayne 288 days ago

When do you want to get together

So we can have a face to face smack down of each other about whose fault it is the church is in the mess it is in. As a traditionalist I have my own long list of how I view progressives have destroyed the church I used to love and respect.

Reality is, I feel for the Bishops who vested their lives in the church only to see it coming unraveling at the seams. They are in an extremely tough spot. And what I blame is not them personally, but how the office of Bishop has come to function in a way it was never designed to function; for too long they worked too hard to keep all the theological balls in play and it has proven to be a very costly endeavor and only delayed the inevitable meltdown that has been brewing for decades.

Reality is I did not celebrate the outcome of GC2019; I was deeply saddened to see such concrete proof that the UMC has degenerated into conflicting and contradictory factions jockeying for position and control. I was stunned that Bishops had bet their leadership on an outcome that, given the history of General Conference on this matter, seemed unlikely from the get go. I was frustrated that traditionalist leadership had bet on a legislative fix when legislation had not been able to put an end to this civil war since it began in 1972. I am not impressed that traditionalists slammed progressives with extreme accountability measures that make absolutely no sense to you and that there was absolutely no expectation that Bishops would enforce them. I think it was overkill-- adding insult to injury. I am glad the One Church Plan was so soundly defeated.

And although I voted for Trump, I was stunned that he actually won because my vote for him was the result of my inability to vote for Hillary Clinton and another 4-8 years of Democratic socialism. I did rejoice at seeing the smug media being so thoroughly upended by his win, And I do have concerns over how Trump handles himself as President but I will never ever apologize for not voting for Clinton whose main goal in life was not service to her country but to be the first woman President. The one thing Trump has accomplished is to disrupt the political correctness we were all choking on.

And I know absolutely none of this makes sense to you, and that you absolutely disagree with my perspectives just as I absolutely disagree with you. But I will defend your right to disagree with me. It would be nice if you could do the same for me. Never in the history of humanity or the church has everybody been able to think exactly alike.

Joan Wesley 283 days ago

"Political Correctness"

As Inigo Montoya said, "I do not think that means what you think it means."

It's merely a statement of one side being morally superior in their own minds. All factions do it. The entire UMC imbroglio is due to our right wing factions demanding political correctness for themselves.

George Nixon Shuler 282 days ago

Corrected Politics

"As Inigo Montoya said, "I do not think that means what you think it means."

It's merely a statement of one side being morally superior in their own minds. All factions do it. The entire UMC imbroglio is due to our left wing factions demanding political correctness for themselves." There. Fixed it for you.

bea 281 days ago

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