We Need a Whistleblower in the UMC



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How Absurd! UMC is Over-stocked with Whistleblowers!

Who said what to whom, who wrote what and when, who changed his/her vote when it counted? Totally irrelevant.
Who lost the last vote, who will win the next vote? Does not matter! Count the numbers of things that matter: how many churches are in internal turmoil, how many churches are trying to find a way to leave and take their church (score both progressive and conservative as both sides are disgusted). Count the number of people who have formally quit, or just simply don't come anymore. Count the churches in the red... or now in the dark!
Count the number of dollars spent by the UMC to keep addressing this issue. How many millions can you spend to beat a dead horse: the UMC is of two minds. 100 votes later, the UMC will still be of two minds. Quit wasting time and money and political games and find a way to serve Him via two SEPARATE minds. Let it go, for goodness sake!
Finally, the big stumbling block for retired and active clergy is the retirement issue. When ships sink, everybody, including the crew and officers, get wet. The lucky ones survive. UMC management, who ignored the rules for decades, is to blame for the mess we are in. If they lose some retirement, too bad.
They could have been honest with themselves and their flocks decades ago, but chose to quietly embrace gay clergy, seminaries who taught and encouraged gay clergy, and probably embraced a plan that enough gay people in management could change the church. Well, they did not change it, but have done well at destruction of it.

Reese 28 days ago



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