We're Not Designed to Be a 'Worldwide Denomination'



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To My Thinking . . .

To my thinking, John Wesley had us global from the beginning. Methodists came to evangelize the New World, especially the Native Americans, including Wesley himself. Wesley already been to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland from his native England.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

re: We’re not designed to be a worldwide church

Mr. Griffith , there is a highly successful spiritually based organization largely setup like the Methodist church. it is called Alcoholics Anonymous . I have been associated with them for 23 plus years. No gurus, pompous bishopsor ecclesiastical bureaucrats. You only assume and keep a leadership position by serving. The fastest way to be removed is to start bossing a group. Thereis no reason that a Methodist church would not be as effective in today’s world with communication , data storage and computers so cheap. It is tiring to hear Methodist progressives make veiled threats of orthodox churches lack of sustainability. GO and take checkbook with you along with your unresponsive ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Methodist churches grew and more importantly led society in this country when our preachers (not ministers like today ) were forces in our communities . They sought righteousness and repentance along with grace and love.
You tried to frame your arguement about the overseas church in Africa to not have a colonial tone. It lasted about two sentences. Your dismissive tone towards them is depraved. These Christians are being confronted by the most aggressive evil in Uganda , Congo, Liberia , South Africa and especially Nigeria. More than 400 Christians were murdered last week in Nigeria alone. There is still noaccounting for how many have been kidnapped and enslaved and raped. Recognition of their witness should allow a focus on why they believe in the same traditions that have always been true in this church. You should get out of your coffeeshop and work on supporting them instead of whining about legalistic nonssense.

Matthew Gotthardt more than 2 years ago

Denominational Divorce?

I am a US Clergy UM member. The context of the Church in Africa/Russia is so remarkably different from the US Church that one should not determine rules for the other. We already have an African and American church in effect. Why not just make them separate legally? Two Churches following their own path, helping each other where they can, and leaving the other alone to govern themselves. Why would this be so hard?

Richard A Wittig more than 2 years ago

you misunderstand.

This is not about rules; it is about what is sinful and what isn't. Sin does not vary by geography.

td more than 2 years ago

Interesting theory

Sin certainly varies by timeframe/culture: even according to the Bible, at one point it was sinful to eat shellfish, pork, etc and now it's not. It wasn't 'sin' to have multiple wives or slaves either. It also wasn't sinful to kill a sinner (Jesus didn't declare that casting stones to kill an adulterer was itself a sin, only that someone without sin should be the one to start the process).

Considering that there's not direct prohibition against polygamy in the Bible, and multiple references to it, would not a geographic reference to law/culture that allows polygamy therefore be a point where Sin varies by geography?

JR more than 2 years ago

It is healthy to split.

Correct but separation will be not geographical but views based. Churches in the US South are closer to those in Africa than in California. Some will choose to join African/Asian union. Churches in Germany are closer to those in California than across the border in Eastern Europe.

UMC consists of two different churches which can not be under one roof. It is healthy to split. New liberal denomination will be declining though and nothing will stop it. Conservative might grow in some parts of the world.

Bob more than 2 years ago