Wesley Bros: Chaos or Community?



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The Third Plan

"The third plan is to maintain the current position in the BoD and allow those who disagree to leave the denomination with their assets and property."

I hadn't heard about this before, but I think this is the way to go. Is it meant for individuals though or churches? I'm assuming churches. Whether your church is large or small, if you want to exit the denomination over the book of discipline, you should be able to do so. I think this option could actually pass, mostly because I don't believe many of the RMN+ churches would actually have the audacity to exit. You'll see they care more about resources than politics in the end, which is probably a good thing. People, especially sexual minorities, shouldn't be used as political pawns to push an agenda. I suspect many of the gay people who are left, even the ones in a relationship will stay in the UMC regardless of the outcome. Just my opinion.

Daniel more than 2 years ago

Point of correction

The Commission actually forwarded 3 proposals to the Council of Bishops. The third plan is to maintain the current position in the BoD and allow those who disagree to leave the denomination with their assets and property. The Council of Bishops, in a reflection of their progressive majority, appears to not be seriously considering this proposal even though it had majority support at the last General Conference.

In my opinion, the CoB is failing at their assigned task. The local option proposal has been soundly defeated by multiple General Conferences; it is insanity to put the same proposal back on the table yet again. Also, the 3-church model is simply too complicated and has virtually no chance of being ratified by the Annual Conferences even if it were to pass at GC.

GC2019 is going to be one ugly mess. I fully expect to see an even greater degree of procedural shenanigans than we saw at GC2016 when those running the show weren't getting the outcome they wanted; surely you remember the number of DAYS wasted by the organizers trying every trick available to get Rule 44 passed!

Personally, when the dust clears, I expect a split. The "big tent" experiment has proven to be a failure. We have literally nothing left in common theologically and we aren't worshiping the same Christ. So, instead of fighting, let's just shake hands and set each other free to pursue our separate paths at this Paul and Barnabus moment (cf., Acts 15:36-41).

Paul W. more than 2 years ago

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