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What the ‘Juicy Ecumenism’ Article Doesn’t Say about the UMC’s LGBTQ Bans



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Interesting, but not germaine

You quote a Pew Research finding that "60 percent of United Methodists in the United States" said homosexuality should be accepted by society. While that may be true, it's imperative that we realize that the US contains barely over half of the United Methodist Church's membership, and that it will soon constitute a minority of the church. Most of the other half of the church vehemently disagrees with the 60% of the US membership. Globally, the comparable number is probably no more than 40%, 45% at best. As the US jurisdictions collectively continue to hemorrhage membership and the remainder of the church continues to grow, the preferences of US-based progressives will become increasingly irrelevant.

John 317 days ago

What's the rush?

What rush? It's been over 50 years of kicking the can down the road. Rush? Nope. It's about time.

bthomas 318 days ago