When Pandemic Ends, Confusion in Church Will Remain



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I am always struck the insightful ness of Bill Lawrence when it comes to United Methodist General Church issues. The particular remarks, stated more than once, point to the fact that a simple majority of GC 2021 could decide this issue. That may make passage more likely, but complicates the issues of clergy rights. It removes the clarity of the UM Constitution. The Judicial Council in Decision 1366 in pre-judging legislation that was not passed, means that its relevance is dictated even though, as Bill says, it did not exist, per se. Predicting General Conference is not something that anyone can do well. I think Bill gets us thinking about what type of legislation is really needed to move us forward. Thanks Bill!

Bob Kolvik-Campbell more than 1 year ago


The UMC is coming apart whether GC authorizes it or not. While there may be constitutional conflicts if we did deeply enough it won't matter. GC approval will be the cover that our conferences need to determine their own destiny.

As for this;
"So the General Conference does not have any constitutional power to authorize the removal of a clergy member from The United Methodist Church"

Under the Protocol clergy are given the option to go with the AC or remain with The UMC. No clergy is being forced out.

Putting the LGBT argument behind us is too important to get wrapped up in constitutional nuances. If it passes a smell test then we can move forward. Constitutional arguments that eat up time and energy will simply make matters worse.

Not a legal opinion on my part by my opinion on what the forces in play will compel us to do.

Kevin more than 1 year ago