Who Loses When Institutions Fail?



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Eroding sense of community

Larry, your insightful and compelling narrative is, at once, a gift and a challenge to UM decision makers. Your personal experience is generalizable to great host of retirees from church-related roles. I, too was once a UMC general agency CEO but my retirement benefits come from a secular organization where I had more years of service. How ironic that my treatment seems more sensitive and responsive (and Christian) than yours! Thank you for your always-articulate analysis and thank you for your courage. I wish you and Sharon every good thing in this New Year.

Daniel K. Church more than 2 years ago

Amazingly On-Target Analysis!

Thanks for your clear and precise analysis of health care insurance for UMC retirees, Larry! This is indeed a knotty issue and you bring much-needed clarity to how we need to be thinking about it. The UMC cannot throw retirees under the bus!

Sharon Shaw Elrod more than 2 years ago