Why Does Holiness Matter?



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Love, Holiness and Law

I get the feeling you are just not willing to accept God's concept of sin, but hold to the notion that you can model good and bad as good as God can. Would that not be very dangerous to a person's relationship with God?

Jesus told a person living immorally that He would forgive her, but she must sin no more. That's Jesus expectation of holiness. Our culture says morality is an option. Jesus calls us to Follow Him and that includes His holiness.

Unfortunately for Progressivism, without a proper understanding of sin (brought about by accepting the culture's concept of sin rather than God's), it is not possible to understand holiness. Richard S. Taylor explains why in Preaching Holiness Today (pp. 170-172):

“What the gospel does not do is offer grace without law. In fact, it offers grace only in a context of law. It is law that forms our concept of sin: 'I had not known sin, but by the law' Romans 7:7.

Moreover, one's sense of sin is only as deep as one's sense of law. This brings us to a kingpin corollary: One's experience of love will be in direct proportion to one's sense of sin.

It is apparent, therefore, that without the preaching of law there can be no deep conviction of sin ('For by the law is the knowledge of sin' Romans 3:20). Without deep conviction of sin there will be no radical and profound repentance. Without such repentance there cannot spring up that grateful, undying devotion to the Father …

We take grace and its blessings for granted, as if we had them coming. Easy-come, easy-go religion, …

Yet nothing has here been said about the inherent need love has for law as a guideline for conduct, just as the river needs banks to direct its flow.”

So, as the country song goes, “What part about NO, don't you understand?” Those who reject God's concept of goodness and evil can find their own, only they are turning away from God's protection. Who would want to do that?

Skipper more than 2 years ago

My question in response

Why did God choose to create us as two unique genders?

betsy more than 2 years ago