Why I'm Leaving The United Methodist Church



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Jesus calls all.

Thank you, Artie, for explaining so well the hurt that the denomination is causing.
Let the 'Church' explain to us whether or not a heterosexual person is still a heterosexual if he or she is not having sex. Is their orientation apparent only when having sex. I, for example, have had two loving relationships and am currently single.....but I am still a lesbian. This is my orientation. I had the privilege to grow up in the Methodist Episcopal Church BEFORE it added these confusing state-
ments about sexuality. I remain IN the church, hoping to see it correct/heal itself.
But I do no blame you for leaving, Artie! God bless you as you worship with those who understand that Creator God made each of us as we are....the lgbt a constant minority in every tribe and nation, on every continent an island, in every age. That Jesus Christ calls us all, majority and minority--all. And that Jesus sent Holy Spirit to teach things he did not have time to teach us while living among us.....That all sexual orientations are loved and welcomed as part of the holy family.
Some day soon, I pray, people will correctly read/interpret scripture. The word 'homosexual' did not exist in ancient languages and should not be use in any translations. Attemped gang rape at Lot's home has nothing to do with homo-sexuality--which by definition includes love and not simply a sex act. Counselors and pastors can tell us that some heterosexuals engage in annal sex. Do The United Methodist Church rules apply to them?
The claim that 'one man, one woman' is the model for marriage is ridiculous and laughable. Most old testament marriages included several wives and concubines. Should we go back to that??!!!!
New testament passages quoted against loving same gender relationships are really about other ideas/actions/events.
May more United Methodists open their hearts and minds to the speaking of Holy Spirit and quickly vote to reform our Book of Discipling.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

Closed doors continue

I attended much of General Conference 2012. Having been a conference secretary for 18 years in one of the most loving conferences of our denomination, I was totally disgusted with the behavior of members of the Southeast Jurisdiction and the African contingent in particular. Homosexuals were likened to beastiality. On top of it the Council of Bishops sat there with their arms folded on the most part and their minds mush. The denominations is doomed to fail. It is time we got back some integrity and most of all what it means to LOVE!

Rev. Thomas L. Shanklin more than 9 years ago