Why I'm Not Freaking Out About the Methodist Apocalypse



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I promise I'm not trying to be contentious, because I do feel you are being genuine. There's something I've been witnessing a lot more of lately in life, politics, and social media. Your comment below:

"This fall, a girl came to visit my campus ministry who was clearly going to thrive the best in a conservative evangelical environment, so I recommended a couple of my colleagues to her whose communities seemed like a better fit. Likewise, there have been times when queer Christians in other ministries on our campus come out and are discreetly referred to our ministry space."

I find this troubling and sad. This statement alone is why choosing a political or sexual identity is so dangerous to faith and why partisanship will only continue to grow to more vitriolic levels.

So, did you recommend her to other ministries because you felt she'd be more comfortable or was it really about your ideology? There was absolutely no reason to do that. Allowing her to determine whether your ministry was a good fit couldn't have worked when her views wouldn't have been respected, I suppose.

Although I don't truly know if that's how you felt, whether consciously or subconsciously, it just speaks to how hard the road ahead is going to be for the UMC.

Daniel more than 2 years ago

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