Why Is NT Wright Calling Transgender People Gnostics?



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And What if He's Right?

A Gnostic is one who "knows," has discovered a secret, or so he thinks. That sounds like the Progressive Movement and it's concept of "modern" standards of morality. The problem is that God's standards don't change! That leaves them teaching people something that is false.

Wright continues: "denying the goodness, or even the ultimate reality of the natural world." When you deny God's Plan of Created Order, one man and one woman in a marriage, you work against nature and the goodness God put therein. Why would you attempt to change you God-given gender? Things work out so much better when you go along with God's family structure.

Wright: "Nature, however, trends to strike back." Just as you should know not walk out into oncoming traffic, you should know the danger and inappropriateness of same-sex relationships or attempting to change you gender.

When one lets the culture around them convince them to try something un-natural, they suffer in many ways. One is just knowing an immoral act is being committed. Un-checked sin quickly becomes a journey away from God. There is a more excellent way!

Skipper Anding more than 4 years ago