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So Jack Shitama believes "allow all marriages to be celebrated in our churches". So if a man who is married to 1 wife and wants to be marred to 3 more women then those marriages should also be celebrated? Why not Jack based on your logic? Please explain if you disagree how and why? We are warned in Col 1:8 not to be captive to hollow and deceptive philosophy based on human traditions and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ Jesus. There is no end to the compromising to come is there? What about those who are open committing adultery and do so because of the "love they have"? Come on folks, this thinking is not Biblically based. Those who have this kind of thinking should simply form their own religion because this is not Christianity. People today are so willing to compromise the truth of the Bible for current popular ideas of this world which are actually old sinful ways.

Steve Matthews more than 2 years ago


The way I see it is that our leaders have chosen to look at society and are trying to incorporate them into the church. I am a Christian and that is first and foremost, but I have been a Methodist all my life and was raised in the Methodist church. Our current discipline should not be changed. Christ defined marriage as between one man and one woman. No other union should ever be considered marriage, because if we say Christ was wrong we are calling him a liar and no one who puts His words over their personal feelings can't really be what God wants from us. Also we can't pick and choose what we believe. If God allowed that then we could choose not to believe in the Virgin birth or the Resurrection, and I know I could never call myself a Christian if I did not believe those things. It saddens me that many bishops and leaders consider broad interpretation of Scriptures. Also, there are many references to homosexuality in the Bible, from Lot being taken out of Sodom in Genesis all the way to the 21st chapter of the Revelation, and not one condones but referred to as an abomination or wicked. Should we celebrate that by allowing "marriage" between 2 men or 2 women? I say we should not, no matter what the Supreme Court ruled. I do not see myself remaining Methodist if the wording is changed in such a manner in the Discipline which is our guideline and the current form is Bible-based and any deviation would mean the end of the Methodist church as I see it and have known it for my 60 years on this earth.

Rick Nelson 184 days ago

But, to claim a Wesleyan heritage

The United Methodist Church should also be concerned with the holiness of heart and life of its members on a daily basis. That is hard to do when the church has contradictory beliefs as to what defines a holy life.

Betsy more than 2 years ago


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