You’re Probably Missing the Fascism



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I guess I'm missing the fascism

To Rev.. RL Bryant and to Insight,
I am disturbed.and perplexed by the equating of “womanizing” and/or adulterous affairs with fascism and with the implication that our sitting US President (who is a Republicani) is a practicing fascist and that Fox News rather than NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc., is the network that fails to report the news in a fair and balanced manner and that the others do. Were former US Presidents who were engaged in extra-marital affairs also practicing fascism? Does it make a difference if the adulterous affair occurred while one is in the position of power as US President or several years prior (I.e.the implication of the power of this position to coerce the woman into the affair)? Is the implication here that DDE, JFK, WJC were all fascists? Is it the intention of UM Insight to promote the implication that our sitting US President is a fascist, our that he has used his position and power as President to engage in extra-marital affairs? Please enlighten me here.

Scott more than 1 year ago


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