Resurrecting the UMC: The Simple Plan



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Resurrecting the UMC

The only “way forward” for the UMC is to “go back” to their first love; to seek God’s mercy and forgiveness, to fully embrace His Word, and to continuously pray for those who don’t. By even considering these options of reformation I can only imagine God’s sorrow and Satan’s rejoicing.

Vicki Bean more than 2 years ago

Same as the One Church Plan

There is no significant difference between this and the One Church Plan. In both, homosexual marriage is on par with heterosexual marriage. In both, the United Methodist Church goes the same direction as our culture.

In Christ,

The Answer is in the Book

The Answer is in the Book more than 2 years ago

Jeremy, you're kidding, right?

This "simple" plan should be called the "Dwindling Western Jurisdiction Plan designed to drive away all other Methodists" plan. Do you honestly believe a majority, or even a plurality, of General Conference delegates will seriously consider telling an overwhelming majority of delegates from the larger American jurisdictions and an overwhelming majority of African and other world jurisdictions that their consciences make no difference?

John more than 2 years ago