Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Alex de Silva Souto and Karen G. Prudente



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May I respectfully call it "The Too-Simple-Plan"?

So, let's say your "Plan" passes and the very next Sunday my preacher says from the pulpit, "Great news: Now we can finally have homosexual weddings in our church!" Aside from damage to the doors, I am deeply concerned about the safety and well being of our members caught in the stampede - especially if that announcement is made before the children leave for children's church. We must protect the children - they are our future!
O.K., so at this point you two "Simple Planners" are saying, "Don't forget your hat,old traditional man, we won't miss you!" Next go to your treasurer and ask, "How we doin' on U.S. currency?.
Listen, I respect your point of view and I really want you progressives to have exactly the kind of church you want. I want exactly the kind of church I want. Let's agree to disagree, and agree to go our separate ways with love and respect, but each holding true to the teachings, values and traditions of our personal beliefs.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Simple Plan

The so called Simple Plan is the plan that is guaranteed to do the most damage in the shortest possible time to The UMC.

Kevin more than 2 years ago