Support Sexual Predators! They Are Biblical, After All



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What happened to the Constitutional right of every accused to face and respond to their accuser as one who is "innocent until proven guilty"? Just curious. It would appear that much of the media has whipped up a firestorm against a man who may not be guilty...but would rather have him be convicted in the court of public opinion. For what my opinion is worth, it would seem that a church forum should be the last place that the US Constitution should suffer such an egregious breach. However, realizing that the current national tone is rather invective...I suppose one can expect such even here.

Rebecca Redmond more than 1 year ago

Wow, just wow

Where's the indignation about other well-known serial sexual predators like Bill Clinton and the late Ted Kennedy (or his booze-binge buddy Chris Dodd, who once tried to assist Kennedy in creating a "waitress sandwich"? Unholy acts are unholy acts, and to overlook them under the delusion that the transgressor's support for the "right" social or legislative program somehow "erases" the effect of the sinful act is to make a deal with the devil.

John more than 1 year ago

You are unhinged

I've quit expecting any perspective from you that has any semblance of balance or fairness and have resolved to quit commenting on the left-wing political non-religious drivel you produce. But what I can't understand is why this website, which for the most part relates to issues involving our denomination, continues to offer a platform for political ideologues. You've a right to express your opinions --I'm a believer in the First Amendment no matter how unhelpful or harmful or yes, actually hateful, your condescending statements intend to be -- but aren't there political forums on which you can express your political views rather than a forum trying to address the issues in our denomination? I guess what I'm trying to say in the nicest way possible way is could you please spew your condescending political invective elsewhere and let us have a thoughtful discussion on how to move our denomination forward?

John more than 1 year ago