The IRD’s Mark Tooley Reveals All: The Full African Takeover Of The UMC



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And the good news is

More and more people are becoming aware for the need of some sort of separation. Whether the traditional plan passed or the One Church Plan passed, a lot of people were going to be unhappy; unity has to be found in something more than the fact we share a name and a logo.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Oh my, we agree ... to a point

Well Dr. Thomas, we can finally agree on something: the “United” Methodist Church denomination is dead. We do need to split and go our separate ways. Hopefully we can cooperate in missions about which we agree like disaster relief. But your Wesleyan wing can move forward emphasizing its perception of social justice and the Traditional wing can move forward emphasizing our perception of personal conversion and Holy living pleasing to our understanding of God’s will. I am curious your wing no longer wishes to engage with mission building around the world, but I guess it’s understandable since other cultures may not and need not conform to white American liberals’ feelings about what constitutes social justice. Considering the leadership of women and African-American clergy in the WCA and at WCA events, I don’t see white American Traditionalists turning their backs on trying to minister to and promoting women and people of color, not just within the USA but across the world, within whatever rises from the ashes of the UMC. A Global Traditionalist Denomination will still be messy at times, but I believe it can and will work. Finally, you give Mr. Tooley too much credit. He didn’t cause the end of the UMC. Deep seeded divisions between Methodists will be the reason for the division of the denomination. If anything, Mr. Tooley is merely the canary in the coal mine who gave voice to the more Traditionalist laity who were in opposition to the “official” denominational positions being espoused by more politically liberal Bishops, seminarians, and Agency executives.

John more than 2 years ago