Confessing Movement

Traditionalist groups requested a meeting with the bishops, which took place in private after previously being announced as a public gathering. Read more

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Confessing Movement executive director Patricia L. Miller submitted the legislation for the Connectional Conference Plan to General Conference. Read more

A Way Forward 1 Comments

The Judicial Council didn't endorse any of the three models from the Commission on A Way Forward's report, but ruled on the constitutionality of petitions related to the options. Now comes the strategizing by plan backers. Read more

A Way Forward

Advocates for maintaining church policies on homosexuality are championing their own version of the Traditional Plan while another advocate, offers a plan to dissolve the UMC and create new denominations. Read more

A Way Forward 4 Comments

Painful as the Rev. Rob Renfroe's words are to many United Methodists he considers friends, the Rev. James C. Howell still wants to him to be a part of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Two Deaths: One, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas' brother-in-law, gentle, surrounded by love; the other, The United Methodist Church, rapaciously violent, with blood running in the streets. Read more


Good News Mag Cover

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Longtime evangelical activist Dr. Riley B. Case recounts the founding of the Good News movement on its 50th anniversary. Read more

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Keyboard Delete

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As American culture embraces marriage equality, conservative activists in The United Methodist Church are pushing out the perceived source of all things bad: Progressive Methodists, asserts the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Split Church

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Recent protests by conservative bloggers that they don't intend to split The United Methodist Church has the Rev. Steve Harper wondering why they still feel a need to post legislative models for schism? Read more

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2012 Round Tables

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The Rev. Bryan Bucher of the United Methodist Centrist Movement contends that those who favor a middle-of-the-road approach to human sexuality and church organization were deliberately snubbed by the Commission on the General Conference. Read more

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Upside Down Church

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Rather than being persecuted, conservative "renewal" forces in The United Methodist Church actually dominate -- and have torn apart -- the global denomination, argues the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Questioning Duo

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The Rev. Richard Bryant outlines a progressive view of faith that some conservative Christians find problemmatic. Read more

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Hadrian's Wall

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The Rev. Drew McIntyre questions what he considers shock tactics on the part of progressive forces as well as traditionalists who threaten schism. Read more

Advocating Justice

In what he describes as "The FiveThirtyEight of Methodism," the Rev. Jeremy Smith rips the veil of secrecy from the economic intimidation now under way by the truly schismatic forces across The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Tom Oden

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The Good News Movement fails its own theological guru's test of reasons to separate from The United Methodist Church, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Bryan Collier

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A new group calling itself the Wesleyan Covenant Network says it wants to focus on authority of scripture and spiritual renewal, not political action in regard to the UMC's divisions over homosexuality. Read more

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3 Stage Truth

Illustration Courtesy of Taylor Walters Denyer

Africa is not the monolithic opposition to LGBT inclusion that American United Methodists think, and it has some important lessons to teach Western Christians about confessing and reconciling, writes the Rev. Taylor Walters Denyer. Read more

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Holding the UMC Hostage 02 - The Blueprint

The Rev. Jeremy Smith continues his four-part series examining the motivations and effects of a proposal by the Rev. Andy Langford that congregations fund only those general UMC funds directly related to "making disciples." Read more

Feb 12, 2013 8:29 PM Jeremy Smith

A Bishop's Prayer

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The Rev. Steve Clunn of Methodist Federation for Social Action examines the push to have Bishop Melvin G. Talbert censured by the Council of Bishops for urging United Methodist pastors to stand up for marriage equality. Read more

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A Bishop's Prayer

UMNS photo by Mike DuBose

If a definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results, then how do we learn to welcome the "strangers" in our midst when they hold moral views so opposed to our own? Read more

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