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Revoking DACA and adding punitive policies have effectively taken away protections for some 1.2 million immigrants, writes the Rev. Lyda Pierce of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, who urges churches to help. Read more

Advocating Justice

In the midst of a brutal winter, powerless undocumented immigrants face a cold future as they are rounded up by immigration officials. They need Christians to defend them, writes the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more


The Trump Adminstration's latest attack on immigrants -- revoking the protected status of some 200,000 Salvadorans -- violates the biblical injunction to welcome strangers, writes the Rev. Thomas Reese. Read more

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United Methodists were among hundreds of protesters arrested by Capitol Police for demonstrating on behalf of young people affected by the Trump Administration's removal of protections for undocumented child arrivals. Read more

Advocating Justice

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United Methodist bishops are calling on Congress, as a matter of faith, to enact a law to protect undocumented young immigrants brought to the United States as children. Read more

Advocating Justice