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2012 Round Tables

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The Rev. Walter Fenton, an analyst for the unofficial Good News evangelical caucus, examines the alternative discernment process proposed for the 2016 General Conference. Read more

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2012 General Conference Delegates

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Three themes from the Pre-General Conference Briefing point to organizers' effort to shape a more globally equal and more spiritually based 2016 session of The United Methodist Church's worldwide policy-making assembly, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Tin Can Phone

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His experience at this year's Western North Carolina Annual Conference prompts the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre to examine how avoiding the conversation on controversial topics doesn't lead to resolving the issues. Read more

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Holy Conversations

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United Methodist leaders aren't asking the better question when it comes to human sexuality discussions at General Conference, writes the Rev. Dr. William Trench. Read more

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United Methodist bishops hear scholar Kevin Watson's view that authentically reclaiming John Wesley's practice of holy conferencing holds the key to reviving the church. Read more

Finance and Administration

The Rev. Stephen Rankin argues that recent posts in the United Methodist blogosphere show the kind of "bad thinking" that needs to be avoided in the ongoing conversation about the church's future. Read more


Demand for Inclusiveness

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The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre thinks it would be a good idea to close the proceedings of General Conference to all but elected delegates, bishops and other essential personnel. Read more

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Dana & Megan

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Seminarian Ethan Gregory is learning about holy conferencing from his theologically more conservative classmate. Read more



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The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre contends that dialogue on human sexuality isn't dead in the church, nor should it be if we are to be faithful to our Christian vocation. Read more

Advocating Justice


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The Rev. Drew McIntyre finds that his attempt to engage with the Institute for Religion and Democracy shows how the old adversarial approaches among United Methodists must give way to better methods. Read more

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Ladder of Inference

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The quick hits of Twitter and Facebook, along with the winners and losers approach of Robert's Rules of Order, make it impossible for United Methodists to engage in authentic holy conferencing, writes the Rev. Christy Thomas. Yet there's another way. Read more

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Holy Conversations

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Holy Conferencing: What Is It?

Contemporary use of the term "holy conferencing" reflects a practice that apparently means being nice to each other when we disagree, writes Professor Kevin Watson. Read more

Jul 17, 2013 2:20 PM Kevin Watson

Dana & Megan

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Pacific Northwest Conference lay member Dana Lede gives a compelling reflection on how to practice grace in the midst of vigorous debate. Read more


Round Tables

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Five Ways the United Methodist Church Can Move Forward

The Rev. Paul M. Shultz outlines some possible paths for the UMC to take as it discerns its future. Read more

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Honoring Methodist Conference 21st Century Style

Ben Gosden illuminates how social networking can benefit the concept of holy conferencing at the 2012 General Conference Read more

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Delegates Unity

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Will delegates to the 2012 General Conference be able to avoid the rancorous politics of previous sessions in favor of "holy conferencing" to make decisions? Read more

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