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The new cycle of the Common Lectionary, Year A, focuses on biblical passages that encounter followers of Jesus to resist the temptations of the surrounding empire, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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To understand Paul's full meaning in Romans 1:18-32, it's necessary to understand the culture that surrounded new Christians, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more

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What we’ve learned and experienced over two millennia calls us to question and set some ideas aside when it’s clear they’re culture-bound not God-bound, writes the Rev. Greg Weeks. Read more

Practicing Faith

With a broad span of scholarly possibilities, the idea that we can work with God to evolve the Bible’s meanings is thrilling and could bring solution to United Methodism's conflicts, writes the Rev. Bill Cotton. Read more

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A scholar uncovers evidence that the Greek word translated as "homosexual" in modern versions of the Bible actually meant something quite different to its originators. Read more

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Reading and interpreting the Holy Bible benefits from two kinds of readers – those who know the canon inside out and those who see the canon's flaws and look beyond them, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

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Is our pretended ignorance of the Bible's meaning the way we armor ourselves against the call to do what scripture says? asks the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more


Too often we forget that the Holy Bible is actually a library of books written over hundreds of years, and that clouds our understanding, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy Read more

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The Rev. Kevin Thomas describes poignantly why he left the path he thought led to holiness after it turned toward hatefulness. Read more

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Scripture offers us different passages, different ways, different paths to see and understand the world, but we tend to prefer our favorites, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more


Clergy know that the Holy Bible, while inspired by God, actually was written over hundreds of years by different people with different understandings, and that reality affects interpreting scripture, writes the Rev. Rich Peck. Read more

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Biblical scholar Pete Enns writes in a new book that the Bible's purpose isn't to teach us what to think, but through its contradictions to teach us how to think through behaving morally in life's messy situations. Read more

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Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin thinks biblical literacy is crucial to Americans' understanding of their history, but he resists the kind of public school courses endorsed by President Trump as partisan proselytizing. Read more


What is the true authority of scripture, its lists of rules or its witness to God's heart for reconciliation? asks Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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The difference beween Bible study and scripture reading involves the reader engaging with the text from a different posture of being acted upon. Read more


The Rev. Paul Purdue says that the differences among the various gospel accounts should be a sign that it's possible for faithful disciples to come to varied interpretations of scripture. Read more

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Learning even a little Hebrew -- both language and concepts -- can open up a whole new understanding of the Bible, says the Rev. Matthew Schlimm. Read more

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The Rev. Morgan Guyton challenges the 18th century concepts of John Wesley's theology with the 21st century theology of author Henri Nouwen. Read more

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Bible Hourglass

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The words of the Holy Bible don't change, but our understanding changes as we realize that God's redemptive power transcends our prejudices, writes the Rev. Creede Hinshaw Read more

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Bible Open to Psalms

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Why do we use Scripture as a weapon, when in reality it's a great gift from God? asks the Rev. Bill Steward. Read more

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