Love Prevails

With a surprise split in conservative Texas Conference and increased campaigning elsewhere, election of General Conference 2020 delegates is heating up. Read more

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LGBT Logos

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Two United Methodist caucus groups, Love Prevails and Methodists in New Directions (MIND) call for heterosexual members of the bishops' Commission on a Way Forward to resign to make room for more LGBTQI members. Read more

A Way Forward

African Delegation

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Speaking on behalf of a coalition of African delegates to the 2016 General Conference, the Rev. Dr. Jerry Kulah of Liberia chastises American United Methodists' recent actions as unbiblical. Read more

Global Nature

Love Prevails

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Sue Laurie of Love Prevails refutes the allegation that pro-LGBTQI forces have "drawn swords" in their quest for inclusion in The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Fossil Free UMC, an organization devoted to ridding The United Methodist Church of investments and use of fossil fuels, is the 13th group to join the Love Your Neighbor Coalition preparing for the 2016 General Conference. Read more

Advocating Justice

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With 11 United Methodist caucuses among its participants, the Love Your Neighbor Coalition launches a new website and announces its vision for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference. Read more

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2012 Round Tables

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The Rev. Bryan Bucher of the United Methodist Centrist Movement contends that those who favor a middle-of-the-road approach to human sexuality and church organization were deliberately snubbed by the Commission on the General Conference. Read more

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LGBTQ Leaders

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After accepting an invitation to meet with the General Conference commission, LGBTQ leaders issue a response to the meeting. Read more

Advocating Justice


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Neither extreme in the debate over The United Methodism Church's future can claim moral high ground as long as their tactics focus on bullying and blackmailing the denomination into adopting their viewpoint, writes the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre. Read more

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Demand for Inclusiveness

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Kathy L. Gilbert and Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service provide a comprehensive round-up of the most recent developments around the same-gender debate and potential division of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Joel L. Watts looks at one of the so-called progressive groups, Love Prevails, that he counts among the extremes agitating for splitting The United Methodist Church Read more



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Progressives who withhold their UMC contributions to promote inclusion are making the same error that LGBT opponents make – causing too much collateral damage to ministry and mission, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre contends that dialogue on human sexuality isn't dead in the church, nor should it be if we are to be faithful to our Christian vocation. Read more

Advocating Justice

Your Way My Way

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Covenant and Order vs. Liberty and Chaos

Somewhere beyond "your way" and "my way" is God's way for The United Methodist Church, but how do we get there? wonders the Rev. Sky. McCracken. Read more

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Love Prevails at CT

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An interruption by the pro-LGBT group Love Prevails prompted the Connectional Table to suspend its agenda Nov. 19 in favor of conversations around sexuality issues and the church. Read more

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