Methodist history

Formed by the merger of many traditions, United Methodism is already a big tent. The Rev. Jeremy Smith explains what they are and why they matter to our talk of “unity in diversity” heading into General Conference 2019. Read more

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After Church of England priests left America because of the Revolutionary War, John Wesley sent Thomas Coke to the new country to ordain Francis Asbury and help found a church that could ordain clergy. Read more

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Some very good things that can come out of a more institutionally complex and more expensive model of church, starting with mission and education, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Methodist DNA

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History can be an unstable basis for denominational unity, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Shared history can create pride in identity or it can emphasize the differences between supposed group-mates. Read more

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The Rev. Jack Shitama expands on his previous post on mature discipleship with guidance on how to help form and guide followers of Jesus. Read more

Practicing Faith

The First Thing They Talked About at Conference

The Rev. John Meunier questions whether United Methodists have forgotten or discarded one of the most basic questions of Christian faith. Read more

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Bob Williams

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As he readies to retire from The United Methodist Church's history and archives agency, the Rev. Robert (Bob) Williams hopes the global denomination will look to its past to prepare for its future. Read more

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Thomas E. Frank

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Who is Professor Thomas E. Frank and what gives him the credibility to write an open letter to the United Methodist Council of Bishops on the topic of the church and ministry with homosexual people? Read more


UM clergywomen Zimbabwe

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Instead of recruiting only Americans to deal with the American UMC's decline, what would it look like if Americans, Africans, Europeans, and Asians were to go on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Methodism to learn together? Read more


Book Review: The Sermons of John Wesley

Professor Kevin Watson reviews a new book, "The Sermons of John Wesley," co-edited by Kenneth J. Collins and Jason E. Vickers and organized according to Wesley's concept of the way of salvation. Read more

Aug 9, 2013 10:31 AM Kevin Watson

John Wesley Profile

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Wesley Didn't Say It: "Do All the Good You Can ..."

John Wesley said, preached and published lots, but some of the famous sayings attributed to him aren't his, writes Kevin Watson. Read more

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