Getting outside to connect with nature – including at church-related camps – is essential to our health in this screen age, says the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

Practicing Faith

Ontelaunee Creek Tributary

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CCL2

Ideas Matter: Seizing an Alternative

Heading for a conference on creating an ecologically balanced world, the Rev. Jim Burklo reflects on the influence that Christian beliefs have on environmental policies. Read more

Jun 5, 2015 10:56 AM Jim Burklo

  • Family History

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    Family History

    Sharing a family history can teach children resilience to face life's challenges. Photo courtesy of Jack Shitama.

  • Sheep

    In reality, sheep are often muddy, smelly and caked with their own feces – a far cry from the fluffy white sheep often associated with the pastoral pictures of Psalm 23.