Like many United Methodists, the Rev. Ben Gosden feels he has a foot in both theological camps and isn't totally happy in either one. Read more

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The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell recalls that the arguments used to keep people oppressed seem to be those now being used against LGBTQ-plus people in the church. Read more

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Avengers Faceoff

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What if, in the face of these tribal conflicts, American United Methodists were to ask their African sisters and brothers not "Which tribe will you align with?" but "What can you teach us about how to handle tribal conflicts in the church?" Read more

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Claiming to be "Bible based" doesn't necessarily ensure competent, compassionate leadership for The United Methodist Church's future, writes the Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell. Read more


Columnist Jacob Lupfer examines why the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom should be more fully understood, respected and celebrated by religious conservatives and progressives alike. Read more

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Fundamentalist Christians and Progressive Christians ought to remember that to the rest of the world, they're just two old dinosaurs fighting a battle no one cares about, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

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It's one thing to leave the weeds in the wheat until they mature, but what happens when the weeds start choking out the new seeds of faith, asks the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more