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A recent poll shows that 64 percent of the overall public — including majorities of other Christian groups as well as religiously unaffiliated Americans — believes the country is seriously off track. Read more

Global Health

Americans' anxiety over terrorism and views that Islam is incompatible with American values were rising even before the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, according to an American Values Survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute. Read more

Retention Rates

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Public Religion Research Institute explores how well -- or how poorly -- faith groups retain their younger generations. Read more

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People of Faith for Health Care

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Religious progressives more diverse, younger, smaller in number than religious conservatives, says a new report by the Public Religion Research Institute. Read more

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God and Guns

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Public Religion Research Institute releases new survey results on working class Americans that dispels stereotypes held by both political extremes about this group of citizens erroneously viewed as the "God and guns" crowd. Read more

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