Sophy Hopkey

John Wesley's failed romance with Sophy Hopkey in Georgia was personally heartbreaking but still provided valuable experience to refine his method of group accountability. Read more


Still in Georgia, John Wesley's romance with Sophy Hopkey ends badly when he refuses her communion after he broke off their relationship and she married another man. Read more


Continuing his "Grease" interpretation of John Wesley's Georgia courtship of Sophy Hopkey, Rev. Charlie Baber encourages finding a trusted friend to confide in it seems that boundaries are being wrongly crossed. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Like the plot of the classic coming-of-age movie "Grease," John Wesley struggles with his "sexy feels" for Sophy Hopkey, while his brother Charles gets an angelic vision. Read more

Practicing Faith

John Wesley's "romance" with Sophy Hopkey in Georgia points toward Wesley's eventual theology of "Christian perfection," which he saw as holiness, the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more