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Sharing with NASA's Martian lander the name of this online journal gives Cynthia B. Astle an opportunity to ponder the importance of their similar missions: to find "new things" of both science and God. Read more

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Recent upgrades to our content management system make it possible to bring our readers daily updates with greater ease and efficiency. Read more

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Coming home from General Conference, UM Insight editors Cynthia and John Astle discover their home and possessions flooded from a burst water pipe. Read more

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Cynthia B. Astle thanks and commends the Council of Bishops for heeding the pleas of many United Methodists who have advocated a spiritual response to the UMC's ongoing conflict over human sexuality. Read more

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We need your immediate funding contributions to continue our operations. Read more


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United Methodist Insight's success, far beyond original expectations, prompts changes to improve the forum for its readers' benefit. Read more

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Nearly two-thirds of respondents to United Methodist Insight's straw poll say they're ready to accept gay Scout leaders. Read more

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Unlike the previous week's survey on marriage equality, few United Methodist Insight readers expressed interest in how to counter racism in America. Read more


Here are several ways to contact United Methodist Insight. Read more



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In hopes of fostering a conversation that produces more light than heat across The United Methodist Church, UM Insight announces stronger policy enforcement – rejecting uncivil comments that demean others. Read more

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This Advent marks United Methodist Insight's second anniversary of anticipating God's future for The United Methodist Church, and offers a time for readers to support the forum through prayers and gifts. Read more


Pathway to Star

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A year-end opportunity assure United Methodist Insight's continued operation in 2013. Read more


United Methodist Insight's sponsorship has decided to continue publishing the educational website to serve as an open forum for discerning God's future for The United Methodist Church Read more

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Evolving Art

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A note about UM Insight's publication status as of May 9, 2012. Read more

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What can General Conference delegates do to find the wisdom to discern what's best for The United Methodist Church? Read more

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German Refugees

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United Methodist Insight has begun an online directory of local congregations willing to serve their neighbors through direct action and advocacy. Read more

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