Charlottesville, Va.

United Methodist pastors join their colleagues in the Charlottesville Clergy Collective in praying, hoping and working for a peaceful weekend on the first anniversary of white supremacist violence in the Virginia city. Read more

Charlottesville Interfaith

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The interfaith Charlottesville Clergy Collective has been a primary force containing the violence that occurred in the picturesque Virginia university town this summer, and First UMC has been at the heart of events. Read more

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Mountain Sky Cuernavaca

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Bishop Karen Oliveto finds that the cost of discipleship is a continuing process of discernment, action, evaluation and celebration that few of us attempt. Read more

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SL Mudslide Ethel Sandy Volunteers

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United Methodists have woven a "chain of caring" through the many tumultuous events of August, providing rescue and relief, standing up for justice, and bringing hope to wounded souls, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Appalled by scenes from Charlottesville, Va., that mirror the history of his native land of Germany, Thomas Kemper asks whether Christians can love neo-Nazis away from hatred, terror and violence. Read more

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Religiously nonviolent but not ideologically pacifist, the Rev. Morgan Guyton thinks that physical violence against anti-fascist movements inflames more than it counteracts. Read more

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UMW Speak

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Churches and bishops, along with United Methodist Women, responded to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., with vows to resist racism and white supremacy with inclusion, self-discipline and love. Read more

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Charlottesville Meme

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Several United Methodist bishops issued letters to their clergy and congregations urging them to take strong stands against racism and white supremacy on the Sunday after violence in Charlottesville, Va. Read more

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Tiki torches

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The Charlottesville "alt-right" protesters' use of Tiki torches enlightens United Methodist layman Brian Snyder, who says the patio lights show how much the demonstrators need compassion for their misguided bigotry. Read more


Copenhauer Charlottesville

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United Methodist layman Shaun Jex writes that shocking as it is, the bigoted violence in Charlottesville is simply our "secret sin" of racism that has been made plain, and it calls the Church to action. Read more


The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant offers a counterpoint to the recent perspectives of what Christians should do in the wake of racial violence in Charlottesville, Va. Read more

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Charlottesville Shelter

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First United Methodist Church in Charlottesville, Va., served as a safe place for demonstrators as violence broke out Aug. 11 and 12 between white supremacists and counter-protesters. Read more

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White Supremacist

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Amid Christians' anguish over the Aug. 12 violence in Charlottesville, Va., the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt counsels Christians to take eight immediate actions to witness against racism. Read more

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Take Up Cross

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Everything that we do as Christians is to prepare us for moments like this so we can be a non-anxious, disciplined presence in the streets whenever the fascists come to town, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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