Trump’s Muslim Ban Is an Affront to American Values



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Muslim ban

The Muslim ban is not a Muslim ban. It is a ban on immigrants from countries where vetting is very difficult and people from those countries have proven to be a threat to the citizens of this country.
Our first amendment was not intended to prevent religious wars. It was written to make clear that our country would have no state religion nor require religious tests at the federal level. The Anglican Church of England was the inspiration for that rule. Without a state religion freedom of worship naturally flows from that. The religious freedom only applied at the federal level. State constitutions could and did apply religious tests for office holders. The most common being a belief in God, i.e. no atheists. The Massachusetts constitution protected every denomination of Christians. Those state requirements no longer exist but they applied for a very long time. The attitude still exists. Try and find an avowed atheist in Congress today.
The Constitution does not provide religious freedom for all. It only provides such freedom to residents of this country. Applying our Constitution to foreign citizens residing in foreign lands is ridiculous.
The President has the statutory authority to oversee immigration laws and make adjustments as he deems necessary to counter threats and protect our sovereignty. The Supreme Court will rule based upon the law not some ill-defined morality standard or statements made during a political campaign.

Kevin more than 3 years ago