Survey Seeks Input for New United Methodist Hymnal



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New Hymnal

Methodists may have traditionally been hymn singers, but that is changing. Contemporary services are to be heard and not sung. The loyal singers are the old folks whose remaining years are quite numbered. By 2030, I suspect most of these upholders of traditional culture will be gone. The following article goes into this subject in greater detail:

David more than 1 year ago

Leaders Make the Difference

Congregational singing is alive and well where leaders of churches, both lay and clergy, make it a priority as a part of the work of the people in worship. Trends seem to point in definitive directions between evangelical and mainline Protestant traditions, but there are many who would contend that when congregational singing is made a high priority in worship and approached as a means of support for the witness and proclamation of a church, it will flourish regardless of style or denomination. Both small and large churches are capable of great congregational singing if people are in place to encourage it. What is needed is support for worship and music leaders in the art and act of encouraging and enlivening congregational song.
Rev. Jackson Henry
Director, Music Ministries
Leadership Ministries
Discipleship Ministries | The United Methodist Church

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago