Views from a Ridge

Cynthia B. Astle

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    An Insight-ful Birthday Reflection

    The kindness of friends and a mission from God sparked the creation of United Methodist Insight, recalls its founder, Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

  • Marse Robert

    UM Insight Photo by Cynthia B. Astle

    Daughter of the Confederacy

    Discovering an ancestor's Civil War military service renews her struggle dealing with her white Southern family's history of racism, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more


Notable Quotes   

     “If you want to change the trajectory of the way things are going, you have to nip hatred in the bud. Every child is a potential hater but is also a potential lover. You have to make sure you cultivate that potential love that they have within them.”

     –Rabbi Levi Greenberg of the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, a branch of Hasidism.