Christy Thomas

Christy Thomas

  • Live frond on dead fern

    The UMC Must Die To Have Any Hope Of Life

    The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas' idealist vision of the hope of life after death? We acknowledge and act on the reality that the prophetic word of God emerges more from the uncomfortably marginalized than from the comfortably centered. Read more

  • Doonesbury Abortion Cartoon

    Texas Abortion Law Is Immoral

    Abortion in Texas: SB-8 is immoral law that encourages spying into the most intimate actions of another for financial gain. Time for clergy to speak out against it. Read more

  • Cracked cup

    The Cracked Cup in a Cracked World

    Over her morning tea in a cracked cup, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas contemplates the many cracks in our world and the need for mercy, truth, and justice. Read more