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Refusing Both Options: Scripture and the Via Media

Taking his cues from scholars Walter Bruggemann and Stanley Hauerwas, the Rev. Drew McIntyre contends that "literalist" and "progressive" interpretations of scripture are two sides of the same coin.

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Is Church Planting Only for Those Under 35?

Does the UMC's Path 1 requirements for church planting "throw older adults under the missional bus?" asks the Rev. Jeremy Smith. What's your view on rethinking the under-35 leadership strategy for new church starts? more »

Oct 30, 2014 Jeremy Smith

The Kingdom of God Depends Not on Talk, But on Power

United Methodist layman Geoffrey Kruse-Safford wants the conversation about the UMC to shift from debating the rules to discussing how to bring about God's kingdom on earth. more »

Oct 24, 2014 Geoffrey Kruse-Safford

LGBT Prejudice Mirrors Racism and Sexism

The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell, a veteran of the Civil Rights era, finds that the United Methodist Church's anti-LGBT stances reflect similar historic prejudices against women and people of color. more »

Oct 24, 2014 Human Sexuality 1 Comments

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Smith

Would Judicial Review Have Saved #Plan UMC?

Judicial review of proposed General Conference legislation might be a good idea, but there are some caveats, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith of Hacking Christianity. more »

Oct 24, 2014 Jeremy Smith

The communion table during a prayer vigil for the Rev. Frank Schaefer prior to the Judicial Council meeting Oct. 21.

Photo Courtesy of Rev. Vicki Flippen

Trials and Tribulations

Attacks on LGBTQ people show the links between the church and violence, as the Rev. Frank Schaefer, now on trial again for officiating at his gay son's marriage, understood, writes the Rev. Vicki Flippin. more »

Oct 24, 2014 Human Sexuality


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