Radical Jesus

Courtesy of Morgan Guyton

#BecauseImAChristian (Not #ImAChristianBut)

A popular video describing what Christians aren't prompts the Rev. Morgan Guyton to restate the idea in ways that lift up the positive ideals of the faith.

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We've Made Jesus into a Toy (Who Do You Say That I Am?)

Who is Jesus, really? The Rev. Richard L. Bryant thinks we've made it too easy to turn Jesus into an idol who fits our prejudices, rather than the biblical revolutionary we find in authentic readings of the gospels. more »

Sep 11, 2015 11:43 AM

 Notable Quotes

"It is a time to contend for the things that matter most.  The faith 'once delivered' is under assault from within and without the Body of Christ: dehumanizing forces like secularism, individualism, and materialism (to name just three) degrade Christian faith and practice from the outside, while gospels of sin management (left and right), prosperity gospels, self-help masquerading as preaching, infotainment substituting for worship, and pastors-cum-CEOs threaten to rot the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church from within.  It is a time to take seriously the call of the church to be an alternative community of Word and Sacrament, called out of the world for the sake of the world.  It is a time to face the winnowing of Christendom and decide: will we remain faithful to Christ and his Church, confident that the “gates of hell shall not prevail” against his Bride (Matt. 16:18), or anxiously flit from fad-to-fad, servile to market research and technocrats to tell us how the accomplish the Missio Dei?"

– The Rev. Drew McIntyre, introducing his revamped blog, now named "Plowshares into Swords."