This Is What the Marriage Debate Looks Like in Kenya



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urgent for us anyway

You're right that marriage debates vary widely between distant cultures. All the more reason to permit different central conferences to make their own rules. of course we would need to allow this by Discipline and allow the US to be a central conference. And who is against this? The South Eastern and South Central US jurisdictions and pretty much all of Africa. What a conundrum.

Jeff more than 5 years ago

urgent for us anyway

Jeff, it's not necessarily true that most of Africa is against making the US a central conference. If you read the comments made to the committee authorized in 2008 to study the worldwide nature of the church, you will see many that reflect the need for more flexibility in different parts of the world. I'm not sure why most African delegates have voted against moves in that direction, but it looks like there are some connections that are not yet being made. Meanwhile, the conservative wing of the US church keeps working to keep the Africans convinced that any move toward more regional autonomy is racist and/or will destroy the church. I think it's a matter of being able to have real and honest conversations between individuals, lots of conversations.

Jan more than 5 years ago

hope you're right

Thanks for the insight, Jan. I pray that you are right. If the Bishops really want to preserve the UMC, they will have to make some kind of deal with the Africans to pull them away from the Southeast and South Central jurisdictions.

Jeff more than 4 years ago


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