gun violence

Stoneman Douglas Demonstration

Kathy L. Gilbert Photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

United Methodist churches are working hard to provide adequate security without sacrificing the radical hospitality that is a core value of Christianity. Read more

Local Church

An Ohio UMC will sponsor a segment of "The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence" in partnership with other community organizations to remember victims and make gun violence the Number 1 issue in the 2018 elections. Read more

Advocating Justice

Directors of the General Board of Church and Society met for the first time outside the United States, encounter immigrants' experiences and learning of Germany's reconciliation after years of division. Read more

Advocating Justice

Church & Society highlights two coming events focused on stopping gun violence in America. Read more

Gun violence

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As reactions to the Feb. 14 school shooting continue to reverberate around the nation, the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society highlights resources to help prevent gun violence. Read more

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A video plea from celebrities and citizens for an end to gun violence in America. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Parkland Shooting Sign

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United Methodists in and around the site of a mass shooting at a Florida high school responded with prayers and counseling. Read more

Practicing Faith

Active Shooter Training

Photo courtesy the Rev. George Reynolds

United Methodists have an array of resources, including on-site training, to help them prepare to defend themselves in case of an attack like that on First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX. Read more

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Pence in Sutherland Springs

AP Photo/Eric Gay via Religion News Service

Vice President Mike Pence's speech to a Sutherland Springs memorial service focused on faith and avoided talk of guns, mental illness or domestic violence. Read more

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Razing First Baptist

AP Photo/David J. Phillip via Religion News Service

Southern Baptist Convention officials say that the building of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs is too damaged to be repaired – but its people vow to continue. Read more

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The Wesley Bros (and their creator) are serious – prayer should always move us to action, because accommodating evil is not an option for Jesus' followers. Read more


Prayers are fine for the victims of the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, but they don't address the underlying problem of gun violence, says writer Norman Suggs. Read more

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God and Guns

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We demonstrate our lack of faith when we put our trust in guns rather than in God for our fates, writes United Methodist layman Brian Snyder. Read more

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Bishop Karen Oliveto encouraged United Methodists to resist becoming "nonchalant" about gun violence in America. Read more

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In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting massacre, United Methodists in the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference begin to address issues around gun violence in America. Read more

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Gerry Hills

UM Insight Screen Cap from Arizona PBS

United Methodist laywoman Gerry Hills, chair of the Desert Southwest Conference's Gun Violence Awareness Task Force, shares her views on the critical need for better gun control on Arizona PBS program Read more

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After the Las Vegas shooting, United Methodists are wrestling with the public health issue of gun violence in the United States. Read more

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We can't escape responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting massacre because we create the toxic environments in which shooters like Stephen Paddock can develop, writes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. Read more

Christy Thomas

Violence Problem

Photo Courtesy of Bishop's Blog, Philadelphia Area

Even if we didn't pull the trigger, we all bear some collective responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting by allowing a culture of violence to flourish, writes United Methodist layman Brian Snyder. Read more

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Gun Violence Candles

Photo by Kathleen Barry, illustration by Cindy Caldwell; United Methodist Communications

United Methodists can both oppose gun violence and provide positive models for peacemaking in their communities, writes Joe Iovino. Read more

Advocating Justice