Bible with Cross Shadow

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

The idea that "salvation isn't just a cheesy Disneyland afterlife in the sky" forms one of the 10 principles that the Rev. Morgan Guyton says should guide the new Reformation. more

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Reformation Teaser

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After 500 years of the Reformation, the Wesley Bros pay tribute to the many reformers – especially the "ordinary folks" like us – who have worked to change the Church for the better. more


Rublev Trinity

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As we celebrate Reformation 500, United Methodist layman Brian Snyder finds it's the relationship, not the identities, of the Trinity that offers a foundation for future Christian understanding. more


Protest-Ant Man Hi-Rez

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The Wesley Bros acknowledge the far-reaching impact of Martin Luther's protest 500 years ago. more


95 UMC Theses

Photo Courtesy of R. L. Bryant

Yes, he really did it – the Rev. Richard Bryant created 95 theses related to Methodism in honor of this weekend's celebration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's act that started the Protestant Reformation. more


95 Theses Painting

Wikimedia Commons Photo

Five hundred years after Martin Luther sought to reform the Catholic Church, his ideas still shape religion in the 21st century. more

Practicing Faith


Photo by Marcus Singer, CC 4.0 International License

A modern rewrite of the ancient hymn is perhaps appropriate in this Reformation spirit, says the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

Jeremy Smith

The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant examines the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation through a lens of what's happening in The United Methodist Church. more


The Council of Bishops' ecumenical officer, Bishop Michael B. Watson, invites United Methodists to observe the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. more

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