social witness

The rally brought together a wide range of activists, including Jews and Christians, farmworkers and Appalachian poverty volunteers. Read more

Advocating Justice

United Methodist students help lead a Lenten "gig" of public arts performances denouncing the ongoing violence and social injustice in the Philippines. Read more

Advocating Justice

Melissa Rogers

Photo by Tricia Bruckbauer, GCBS

The General Board of Church and Society organizes for 2017-2020 under a new theme, "Living Faith, Seeking Justice and Pursuing Peace." Read more

Advocating Justice

Poor Invited to the Feast

Art Courtesy of Thinking Faithfully

The Rev. William C. Trench asserts that a longtime truth deserves re-telling: If only churches would practice the compassion they preach, the pews would be full. Read more

Practicing Faith

Bernie Sanders & BLM

Wikimedia Commons Photo by Tiffany Anrim / CC2 License

Surveying the furor over the Black Lives Matter movement, the Rev. Morgan Guyton identifies three ways that Christians can serve the cause of justice. Read more

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