Sri Lanka Easter bombings

Condemn Sri Lanka Attacks

Fayaz Aziz REUTERS

United Methodist mission theologian Jerome Sahabandhu describes the aftermath of Easter Sunday terrorist bombings in his homeland of Sri Lanka, and what can be done to help victims and survivors. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Extreme violence against humanity today is increasingly religion-based, fundamentalism- informed, globally-connected, and locally-grounded, writes the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmraraj. Read more

Global Nature

Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy Johnson looks at the recent spate of religion-related attacks from a biblical perspective. Read more


Another shooting a place of worship has the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant lamenting and raging against the human propensity for violence. Read more


A worldwide interfaith organization joins other religious organizations in condemning the Easter Sunday bombings at churches in Sri Lanka. Read more

Global Nature

The World Council of Churches condemns the Easter Sunday bombing of churches in Sri Lanka and calls for an end to religious animosities. Read more