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Dr. David W. Scott examines the many ways – including their "fair share" apportionments" – that American United Methodists support missions and ministries in the UMC's Central Conferences. Read more

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Bishop Joaquina Nhanala

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Women have risen to important places of United Methodist ministry on the Africa continent, writes the Rev. Jacqueline Ngoy Mwayuma. Read more

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Rev. Blair Trygstad Stowe continues her analysis of the UMC's global connection and offers suggestions for using its historical resources to fashion a new worldwide denomination. Read more

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Central Conference structures outside of the United States pre-date the uniquely American Jurisdictional structure as the level of regional organizing between the Annual and the General Conference. Read more

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World Methodist Council Denominations

Map by David W. Scott

Dr. David W. Scott ponders whether the desire to be a world-wide denomination is grounded in peculiarly American experiences of and assumptions about the world and the church. Read more

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As the turmoil in United Methodism continues, Dr. David W. Scott examines the various ways that worldwide denominations organize themselves. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global crunches the numbers on where the United Methodist Church is growing and declining worldwide. Read more

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UMC regions outside the United States have the option to become independent, self-governing churches affiliated with the denomination but not subject to its laws, explains Dr. David W. Scott. Read more


As United Methodists continue to discuss whether it's time to divide the global denomination, Dr. David W. Scott and Dr. Robert Harman offer a historical model for consideration: the creation of an association of Latin American Methodists. Read more

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Two more prominent UMCs vote to hold same-sex wedding; Greater Northwest, Nordic & Baltic areas leaders look to future. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott shares links to stories about the lives and works of the people who have fulfilled United Methodist missions for the past 200 years. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott explains the process that kept some 30 international delegates from attending the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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Attitudes and laws on LGBTQ acceptance vary widely in Europe and Eurasia, which places delegates from these regions of the UMC in good position to demonstrate unity amid diversity, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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In a companion to his analysis of African laws and views on homosexuality, Dr. David W. Scott explores the same topics for the Philippines. Read more

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There's much wider variation on the legality of homosexual practices in Africa than some claim, and church policy and state policy need not match, but public discussion of sex remains taboo, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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There are many possibilities for the outcome of the special 2019 General Conference, but it likely won't be the end that some think, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Despite linguistic barriers, a multicultural community can avoid social isolation of immigrants by taking great joy in interacting with them, writes retired Bishop Heinrich Bolleter. Read more

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In his search for 21st century mission ideas for United Methodists, Dr. David W. Scott taps into loneliness as the number-one topic. Read more

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Unity does not mean uniformity, for none of can know absolutely the will of God, a stance that always risks the hubris of the human nature asserting itself over the humble way of Christ, writes Dr. Elaine Robinson. Read more

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DR Congo Peacemaking

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Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global offers resources for learning more about how African United Methodists are fostering peace on the vast continent. Read more

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UM&Global Art

UM & Global begins an occasional series on the differences among Methodist/Wesleyan denominations historically related to The United Methodist Church, curated by Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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The collaborative blog UM & Global recommends a series of webinars on evangelism today, produced by the World Council of Churches. Read more

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The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to a church in Wittenberg, Germany. Luther intended to reform the Catholic Church, but instead he sparked the Protestant Reformation. Read more

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UM & Global, the collaborative blog of United Methodist Professors of Mission, is inviting scholarly reflections on a document about the nature of the church approved by the 2016 General Conference. Read more

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