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United Methodist bishops in Africa issued a statement Sept. 24 saying they won't back breaking up the church, leading observers elsewhere to wonder what influence their statement would have on the 2019 General Conference. more

A Way Forward

Advocates for maintaining church policies on homosexuality are championing their own version of the Traditional Plan while another advocate, offers a plan to dissolve the UMC and create new denominations. more

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Petitions from alumnae of UMC-related United Theological Seminary, and UMC-approved Asbury Theological Seminary, repudiate the Wesleyan Covenant Association and support the work of the Way Forward commission, reports the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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A new book authored by leaders of United Methodist traditionalist caucuses draws criticism from the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith shares three misleading claims in a book written by leaders of the traditionalist movement that a United Methodistt Sunday School class identified while studying the book. more

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Longtime LGBTQ advocate Dr. Randall Miller counsels United Methodists to be alert to activities by traditionalist forces in the preparations for the 2019 General Conference. more

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Using the marketing skills of its leadership, the Wesleyan Covenant Association has mounted a campaign in support of the Traditionalist Plan that deflects attention from its true purpose – the dissolution of the UMC, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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The Rev. Morgan Guyton accepts a challenge from his "favorite conservative" Carolyn Moore to discuss The United Methodist Church's future in ways that are biblical, christological, global, systemic and eschatological. more

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Layman Pete Fleming was drawn to The United Methodist Church because of its history, theology, and practices, and now he fears it will be destroyed by right-wing political forces. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith unpacks the real details of the most recent announcement regarding a court case on a breakaway United Methodist congregation in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. more

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The Rev. Vaughn William Thurston-Cox takes issue with claims of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, which recently sent a letter sent to clergy and churches in the Michigan Annual Conference. more

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Those who claim they are the only ones to solve United Methodism's crisis over sexuality are in reality the same actors who caused the crisis, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Three statements in the past week have disclosed the schismatic intentions of so-called "reform and renewal" groups in The United Methodist Church, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Yes, I make mistakes, and I try to correct them and keep going. more

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Hacking Christianity

The Rev. Jeremy Smith finds that the Wesleyan Covenant Association's legal formation was in the works long before the time it claims to have started. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith describes how he sees that moderates and “Middle Methodists” are on the menu for the next three years of United Methodism. more

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A small suburban Washington Church reveals secret efforts to exacerbate tensions in United Methodism, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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WCA Prayer 10-2017

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The Wesleyan Covenant Association heard lots of preaching but little strategizing about the future of the United Methodist Church, writes Sam Hodges. more

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In anticipation of a new meeting of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, The Rev. Jeremy Smith repeats his earlier observations about the group's purpose. more

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After retired Bishop Bill Lewis' open letter to the Rev. Jeff Greenway, executive director of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, the two exchange responses about their perspectives. more

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