January 3, 2012

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January 3, 2012

  • Antagonisn't

    As the schism debate rolls on, the Rev. Dan R. Dick takes stock of his own perception of attitudes regarding the prospect of dividing The United Methodist Church. more »

  • None

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    Seminarian Gabe Horton comes up against one of faith's elemental truths: he's lost, and he can't find his way on his own. more »

  • The First Thing They Talked About at Conference

    The Rev. John Meunier questions whether United Methodists have forgotten or discarded one of the most basic questions of Christian faith. more »

  • Passing the Baton

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    Justice Is Not a Sprint. Or a Marathon

    Though often compared to sprints and marathons, the movement toward a more just society is more accurately a relay race of handing down values to succeeding generations, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more »

  • Hands

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    Living on Mission

    With the current emphasis on a "missional" approach to church life, the Rev. Irvin J. Boudreaux shares his ideas on a spiritual approach to "missional' life. more »

  • Biblical Obedience post

    Photo Courtesy of Drew B. McIntyre

    Who Is at Fault for #UMC Trials

    The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre contends that those who defy United Methodist law should be prepared to face the consequences, as should those who commit to civil disobedience. more »

  • Calvin vs. Wesley

    Illustration Courtesy of Morgan Guyton

    How to Defend the UMC Against Heretical Teachings

    John Wesley had a method for defending against heretical teachings, writes the Rev. Laura Felleman, and it's still good to use today. more »

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