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This is what I would call the true "Simple Plan", where we part ways with a minimum of lawyer expense

Common sense. Common good. Common goals. This is a great vision for the future. Let's do it!!!

Reese 27 days ago

open letter to UMC by Emily Cohen

This is collaboration to be welcomed, not feared. Recall the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church during their struggles set a policy that parishes that wished for conscience's sake to depart TEC for other Anglican bodies could not take their property, nor buy it from the denomination at any price. The price for that attitude was 50M in litigation rather than ministry. Insisting that those who depart meet longstanding obligations also is fair, such as the Westpath aspect for pensions or apportionments. A possible consequence for traditionalists could be that just enough conservative congregations leave to tip the voting balance in the UMC more clearly in liberal-progressive directions on all sorts of issues, which is what happened in the mainline Presbyterian church...remaining traditionalists now have a voice and vote too weak to influence much of anything. Other than Glide in San Francisco (maybe), progressive congregations would depart in small numbers for a combination of theological and practical reasons. A large exodus would impact greatly boards-agencies-seminaries, though a forced pushing of the re-set button could become a constructive step to change a consistently declining status quo. THAT depends on visionary leadership and the UMC (like any institution) tends to draw its leadership from those with proven track records of coloring inside the lines, for whom such a thought of profound and imposed change is the boogeyman under their beds.

Bob 27 days ago

Disputes in the future

I would question the five year time limit for congregation to decide whether to leave or not. Suppose something is added to the BOD in the future that is considered objectionable, e.g. a prohibition of birth control. The church would then have to go through this whole business all over again. Would it not be better to have a permanent mechanism for withdrawal?

David 28 days ago

This is absolutely amazing

Just wish the Bishops had a big enough view of what is going on across the denomination to have led the way in this much needed move. It is not like we are the first denomination to go through this process. Shortly after GC2016, an Episcopalian observer said, that with the Way Forward Commission, the UMC was going down the exact same path as the Episcopal Church. She predicted that the Bishops would recommend something along the lines of the One Church Plan which would push the church in a progressive direction. My trust in the Bishops as moderators of GC2019 is absolutely zero. And if a plan passes that further strengthens the traditional stance of the church--something that was fixing to happen at GC2016 until the Way Forward process was implemented--I hope and pray the Bishops will finally buck up and accept that decision. However, I am not holding my breath on that happening.

betsy 28 days ago

How reasonable

It's refreshing to read some of our clergy are willing to lead by taking a proactive stance towards our current impasse. I fear the majority of our bishops are at best naive about the pulse of a majority of the UMC laity and are hoping GC will vote in a way in which it has had no inclination to do in the past or are at worst more concerned with protection of the institution than leading their flocks through the rough waters we face in our theological divisions.

John 28 days ago

Notable Quotes   

   Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove "When Jesus said, 'I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly' in John 10:10, he wasn’t thinking about a victory for those who have used religion to fight back against the gains of the civil rights movement. Jesus was inviting all of us to work together for the vision at the heart of that movement — a beloved community where all people created in God’s image can thrive."

– Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, writing in "The Evangelical Case Against Judge Kavanaugh" in the Sept. 3 New York Times.


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