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Filipino American United Methodists add their voices to the outcry over white supremacy and racism behind recent shootings. Read more

Advocating Justice

Printed copies of the Advance Daily Christian Advocate should be out by Nov. 26, but an electronic version is now available. Read more

A Way Forward

United Methodist Women offer support for the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20 with a statement and resources. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

The Pre-General Conference Briefing offers delegates, communicators, agency staff and others to connect and learn how to navigate the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. Read more

2020 General Conference

Bishop John Yambasu

Photo by Eveline Chikwanah, UMNS

United Methodist bishops in Africa have reiterated their previous statement opposing any division of The United Methodist Church while still holding that homosexuality is "incompatible with Christian teaching." Read more

UMC Future 15 Comments

The Connectional Table has launched Emerging, a digital collection of essays, articles and other content discussing what may be taking shape in the life of the UMC connection as a result of the outcome of the 2019 General Conference. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Windsor Village UMC in Houston faces trial in December on wire fraud charges to which his investment partner, Gregory Alan Smith, has pleaded guilty. Read more

Ordained Ministry 1 Comments

Bishop James E. Swanson Sr. urges Mississippi United Methodists to aid children left abandoned after their parents were arrested in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid Aug. 7. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

The caucus of Hispanic/Latino United Methodists says it's "alarmed by how the evils of white supremacy, racism and xenophobia continue to rapidly spread through all levels of our nation and society." Read more

Advocating Justice

Bishop Kenneth L. Carter calls for United Methodists to help end white supremacy and xenophobia that he says is fueling the culture of violence. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

United Methodists join with other Christian leaders in Maryland to rebuke President Donald J. Trump over his public insults of Baltimore and U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

The Connectional Table proposes that The United Methodist Church in the United States become a regionally governed unit similar to the Central Conferences in Europe, Asia and Africa. Read more

UMC Future 10 Comments

Eastern Pennsylvania Conferences' Commission on Religion and Race issued an endorsement of a statement sent by church-wide agencies protesting offensive racial comments by President Trump. Read more

Advocating Justice

Three United Methodist bishops from Central Conferences convened a consultation including prominent leaders of various perspectives on the inclusion of LGBTQ people in the church. Read more

UMC Future 1 Comments

Active and retired United Methodist bishops have called for U.S. politicians to stop partisan wrestling over the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and devise compassionate humanitarian solutions. Read more

Advocating Justice

Clint detention

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The United Methodist Committee on Relief has called on congregations to take note of the suffering of immigrant children being held in detention along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church (COB) has asked the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision as to the constitutionality, meaning, application and effect of certain petitions adopted as the Traditional Plan. Read more

UMC Future 18 Comments

Uniting Methodists has invited clergy and laity to think about and propose ways to reorganize the denomination. Read more

UMC Future 2 Comments

Full text of the "Loved and Liberated" proclamation from the Our Movement Forward summit. Read more

UMC Future

The Renewal and Reform Coalition asserts that leaving out "practicing" from Traditional Plan legislation was an oversight, not an intention to "purge" LGBTQ people from the church, as has been interpreted. Read more

General Conference 2019

The committee said it found inconsistent wording in the several petitions that enacted the Tradition Plan. Read more

General Conference 2019