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  • Toiletries

    Schenectady UMC Giving People Everyday Essentials

    "...If you're poor, the cost of toiletries and other basic necessities adds up quickly. Which is why First United Methodist Church in downtown Schenectady has built an entire ministry out of giving people the things they need to stay clean, healthy and comfortable — and why people are willing to wait an hour or two to get these things," writes Sara Foss of the Daily Gazette. Foss quoted the Rev. Sara Baron, the pastor at First United Methodist: "Poverty is so heavy. All we're doing is making it a little bit easier." more

  • Haven House

    West Virginia UMC Offers Housing to End Homelessness

    CANTON, WV —Central United Methodist Church in Canton’s “Haven House” welcomed its first homeless family in early January, reported Vicki Hyatt of The The congregation raised $100,000 to purchase and remodel a duplex. The house is part of the EACH Initiative, which stands for Ending Area Childhood Homelessness. The effort includes buying or renting a home and making it available to a homeless family, Hyatt reported. more