Ordained Ministry

Ordained Ministry

  • Flint Bottled Water

    Michigan Photo by Mark Doyal

    How Methodists Should Number Our Days

    Rather than obsessing about our mortality, a better, more Wesleyan option is to live each day working to relieve the suffering of others, writes the Rev. Bill Steward. more

    Oct 11, 2018

  • Suffer the Children

    It's the Children Who Bless Jesus

    Parents wanted Jesus to bless their children, but the children blessed Jesus by giving him a respite from turbulent times and a vision of hope for the future, writes the Rev. Bill Steward. more

    Oct 2, 2018

  • Listening

    Iowa Conference Photo

    Four Ways to Get Honest Feedback (and Why It Matters)

    Feedback is essential for leadership, says the Rev. Jack Shitama, who offers strategies for how to solicit constructive feedback and survive its emotional impact. more

    Sep 26, 2018

  • Rattlesnake-Rabbit Sausage

    Preaching Rattlesnake-Rabbit Sausage

    God has given each preacher a unique perspective on the faith that needs to be proclaimed without fear, says the Rev. Jason Valendy. more

    Sep 26, 2018

  • WB Bad Romance: Boundaries

    Bad Romance: Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

    Continuing his "Grease" interpretation of John Wesley's Georgia courtship of Sophy Hopkey, Rev. Charlie Baber encourages finding a trusted friend to confide in it seems that boundaries are being wrongly crossed. more

    Sep 26, 2018

Grassroots UMC

  • Pie Auction Raises More Than $3,500 to Feed Elderly

    Ten flavorful pies auctioned Sept. 2 at Hubbard United Methodist Church will help the Park Rapids Meals on Wheels program serve nutritious food to area seniors, reported Lorie Skarpness of the Park Rapids (Minn.) Enterprise. About 200 people attended the auction. The $3,575 raised will provide almost 900 meals at the suggested donation rate of $4 per meal. more