John Wesley

Still in Georgia, John Wesley's romance with Sophy Hopkey ends badly when he refuses her communion after he broke off their relationship and she married another man. more


John Wesley Stained Glass

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Once again, the Rev. Jeremy Smith digs down through Wesleyan legends to find out the truth behind another myth about John Wesley. more

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Continuing his "Grease" interpretation of John Wesley's Georgia courtship of Sophy Hopkey, Rev. Charlie Baber encourages finding a trusted friend to confide in it seems that boundaries are being wrongly crossed. more

Ordained Ministry

Like the plot of the classic coming-of-age movie "Grease," John Wesley struggles with his "sexy feels" for Sophy Hopkey, while his brother Charles gets an angelic vision. more

Practicing Faith

John Wesley's "romance" with Sophy Hopkey in Georgia points toward Wesley's eventual theology of "Christian perfection," which he saw as holiness, the Rev. Charlie Baber. more


The Wesley Bros hark back to Methodism's earliest beginnings with The Holy Club's mission to Georgia. more


Dr. David W. Scott continues his reflections on the nature of the church from the perspective of distinctive Methodist attitudes toward and practices of "being the church." more

Global Nature

During his Georgia missionary stint, Charles Wesley runs afoul of powerful parishioners in a scenario that still holds lessons for pastors and congregants today. more


The Wesley Bros – with a guest appearance by brother Sam – ponder their complicated relationship with their father Samuel Wesley at the time of his death. more


Like Harry Potter's Professor Dumbledore, John Wesley learned that time is a mysterious gift best used to ponder how well we're using our lives for God's purposes. more


The Wesley Bros recall the origins of Methodism in the Oxford "Holy Club," and how its adherence to foundational scriptures on works of piety and mercy relate to today's social and political conflicts. more


Sanctification, or in the Methodist tradition “going on to perfection,” helps us "to live our lives as the fragrance of Christ in this world, always experiencing a greater abundance of God’s loving presence," writes the Rev. Charlie Baber. more


The famous dispute between John Wesley and George Whitefield reminds us that no one person has the full understanding of God's love and forgiveness; everyone belongs at the table. more

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Observing Aldersgate Week when both Charles and John Wesley experienced conviction of their salvation through God's Holy Spirit, Wesley Bros looks at Methodism's history of schisms and mergers as the UMC seeks A Way Forward. more

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As it struggles to find a path into its future, The United Methodist Church needs to confront its history of bigotry based on white male supremacy if it wishes to call itself truly Wesleyan, writes the Rev. B. Kevin Smalls. more

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels may have laid the groundwork for communism, but John and Charles Wesley had similar thoughts about economics and society, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more

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John Wesley's method known as the "class meeting" was designed to help Christians grow in spirit and in practice of their faith through questions and mutual support. more


David Field Uniting

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The true heart of United Methodism's threat of schism isn't power or sex; it's the lack of love for those with whom we disagree, writes Cynthia B. Astle. more

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Reformation Teaser

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After 500 years of the Reformation, the Wesley Bros pay tribute to the many reformers – especially the "ordinary folks" like us – who have worked to change the Church for the better. more


In pure Southern cookin' fashion, the Wesley Bros. explain John's Three General Rules for today's United Methodists. more

Practicing Faith