John Wesley

John Wesley Preaching

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It's time for The United Methodist Church to take a lesson from its founders and decide how to "die well," writes the Rev. John Fanestil. Read more


The Weather Channel's practice of naming winter storms in the same way that hurricanes and tropical cyclones are named sets folks to wondering if there's a United Methodist on staff. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

It would be easier to leave. Progressives might yet be forced out by trials and legislative action. But the Rev. Michael Airgood thinks dissent and disobedience have always been the path of Methodists. Read more

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John Wesley's sermon "A Caution Against Bigotry" and Mark 9:38-39 should be required reading for all United Methodists during this time of turmoil, to be more Christlike in our interactions with one another, writes the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more


How does the Church reconcile "One God" with "God in Three Persons"? John Wesley didn't try; he just punted to Athanasius. Read more

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United Methodism's current state of turmoil roots in the long, contentious history of western Christianity, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more

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Charles Wesley is animated about his Advent anthem, "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus." Read more

Practicing Faith

John Wesley's failed romance with Sophy Hopkey in Georgia was personally heartbreaking but still provided valuable experience to refine his method of group accountability. Read more


John Wesley Profile

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Dr. David W. Scott researches the most famous John Wesley quote and finds little evidence that Methodism's founder actually said it. Read more


The Wesley family's experiences with a poltergeist at Epworth Rectory convinced son Jackie (John) that a spiritual world existed. Read more


Still in Georgia, John Wesley's romance with Sophy Hopkey ends badly when he refuses her communion after he broke off their relationship and she married another man. Read more


John Wesley Stained Glass

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Once again, the Rev. Jeremy Smith digs down through Wesleyan legends to find out the truth behind another myth about John Wesley. Read more

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Continuing his "Grease" interpretation of John Wesley's Georgia courtship of Sophy Hopkey, Rev. Charlie Baber encourages finding a trusted friend to confide in it seems that boundaries are being wrongly crossed. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Like the plot of the classic coming-of-age movie "Grease," John Wesley struggles with his "sexy feels" for Sophy Hopkey, while his brother Charles gets an angelic vision. Read more

Practicing Faith

John Wesley's "romance" with Sophy Hopkey in Georgia points toward Wesley's eventual theology of "Christian perfection," which he saw as holiness, the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more


The Wesley Bros hark back to Methodism's earliest beginnings with The Holy Club's mission to Georgia. Read more


Dr. David W. Scott continues his reflections on the nature of the church from the perspective of distinctive Methodist attitudes toward and practices of "being the church." Read more

Global Nature

During his Georgia missionary stint, Charles Wesley runs afoul of powerful parishioners in a scenario that still holds lessons for pastors and congregants today. Read more


The Wesley Bros – with a guest appearance by brother Sam – ponder their complicated relationship with their father Samuel Wesley at the time of his death. Read more