United Methodism at the Threshold of a Constitutional Crisis



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Bishop Karen Oliveto

The UMC Judicial Council is about to announce their decision regarding my fiend Bishop Karen Oliveto, so I actually read ALL of John Lomperis' shocking legal brief.
His understanding of the UM Discipline boils down to the rebuttable presumption that the Bishop and her wife engage(d) in genitally focused sexual arousal.
Lomperis asserts that it doesn't matter. For him the public record of the Bishop's marriage (he always puts that word in quotes) is enough to disqualify her, regardless of her qualifications, gifts, and graces acknowledged in her election by the Western Jurisdiction.
I would remind Lomperis that his focus on genital sexual gratification is a highly reductionistic take (or in certain circles, 'grab') on our 'erogenous zones.'
And of far greater significance, his painfully nitty-gritty slicing and dicing of his legal case says WAY more about the TOTAL PERVERSITY of his perspective on Divine Love that binds us together with the created universe than it does about his version of Methodist law prescribing the only way to love another human being.
Lomperis needs to hear that doing his job to such a high legal standard is a fabulous way to turn people off and drive them away from the kind of disUnited Methodism he advocates. The best way to send him a message is to defund his organization.

Wayne Marshall Jones 357 days ago

Such Logic Fails Christianity

Your discussion simple does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible, God's Word. It just that simple.

William Dunkin 363 days ago


I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Dunkin.

Don Benfield 359 days ago